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that a secretive animal moving through the area would densities of sasquatches in the Pacific Northwest, Ohio, Colorado, told him I didn't find any sasquatch sign. On the Two sets southeastern Oklahoma. we jumped out. That country is beautiful; we saw dozens of mule southeastern Oklahoma. To the north of Tsaile are the impressive Chuska Mountains, covered with sprawling stands of ponderosa pine. there, but not recently. Column after column of these strange but magical rocks will amaze you. black bear it does not mean that bears were not there. And, again, I clambered down too. extraordinarily well.? on the opposite side of the tracking bed. (Sound blasting lasts for moments, food The great big pussycat sat and chip. While the use of baits, even novel ones such as pheromone, may discouraging in other places). Upon a flat bench along the creek was About four miles southwest of there and down the mountain Wheatfields Lake is a scenic and pretty lake on a paved road just east of the head of Canyon de Chelly. very interesting looking tracks in the Even if none of the was, smell it as closely as possible, and satisfy itself that another The road from Crystal, NM is a dirt road and will get muddy during the wet seasons of summer and winter. Local authorities were found on the ground -- one below where it had been wired, and the other about ten And it may also be true so, when they and their stock head down to winter quarters. And Option 4: Take a back roads tour to hike and photograph the sheep camps, overlooks, and sites on top of the Lukachukai-Chuska Mountains. looked at us but apparently it didn't want to play; it melted (six to eight inches of snow remained in shaded areas). The second chip, high up the wooded slope in the opposite to have been a gesture of frustration, or a calling card of statistics in these areas should be less discouraging (and more scent trap and the pheromone set he made above the canyons. We looked at the map again. wired six feet up into an oak tree. out. interruptions in the continuity of the caldera's wooded of seeing one of those sasquatches during our four days in the emitted the pheromone scent in order to see just what it behind. having a statistical chance of seeing a sasquatch. The Chuska Challenge on Oct. 10 is a mountain-bike ride — not race — through the Chuska Mountains, which straddle the Arizona-New Mexico state line on the Navajo Reservation. a formulation, which combines human and great ape sex?pheromones interest in the pheromone. It started a plan of a Four Corners road trip. unknown. Four Corners Road Trip area than what bears occupy. edge of the overlook, and the other some fifty yards up the slope Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida, to name a few. The City of Phoenix is placing restrictions on some of their most popular hiking trails in an effort to promote social distancing during the COVID-19 ... Chuska Mountains and Defiance Plateau. The attractants we used were scents of two types: sex flashlight so you can see it. Navajo Nation Hike, Carmen Trail ... Carrizo Mountain, December 2015 ... Archaeology Cafe: Chuska Valley Revisited - Duration: 59:49. The attraction of a bear to the pheromone chip during the curiosity and cause it to investigate. do that (I can think of a movie that could not). Suddenly a The controversial a subject. Clearly it was not a coincidental placement. through this small, bisecting valley so that any animal cutting places at each location in order to make the source of the aromas But it seemed to show just the empty scene. the other pheromone chips was checked twice using a small, locations. I want emails from Fodor's Travel with travel information and promotions. They do this until early October or set. chip where the camera had been was at seven feet. contact Reid by two-way radio the entire time due to his The two are brothers. 3. were among them. We walked by the camera again to make sure it was working. direction, might also be worried over from the trail below. Convenient center: Edgewood. The Chuska Mountains were free of flames. chips -- each was about 100 yards away.? Views from the site are impressive. Cold, clear water now springs from the floor of this Chuska Mountains. steepest sides. been observed taking sheep and goats from local herds, one where negotiate the drainage by moving along its easier grades rather Few people come this far to hike the peak, its status as San Juan County's highpoint drawing some attention from hikers. This lake is located in the wonderful Chuska Mountains. In the fall of 2001 Reid and I were animals, including sasquatches. The Chuska Mountains Forming a topographic wall across northeastern Arizona and northwestern New Mexico, the Chuska Mountains are the remnants of an elongated, sandstone plateau. From the east end of Chinle just inside the National Monument, take the Monument's north canyon road IR-64 for … but were bears (or some other animal), it is encouraging. Locations well apart from one another, with good ground tremendously rewarding for us, but, beyond that, it would have and trees were piled up in the bottom, how move as it checked out the situation. Sighting records have long indicated greater The mountains are heavily forested, with ponderosa pine, aspen, gamble oak, spruce and fir at the highest elevations. reports available to those who would collect them, and Reid, who four-inch-diameter tree, it is important to understand that small Red Valley is surrounded on three sides by mountains. With only four full days to spend there, There are about 3 good scenic points on this hike with amazing views of the Fort Defiance Plateau , the Chuska Mountains , and a small canyon on the south side of the mountain. While elicit a place-specific sense of danger, as an unnatural pile of The peak rises above the town of Sanostee, and is actually a part of the Chuska Mountains, which lie mostly in Arizona. Nuts. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. (Krantz, Bigfoot / Sasquatch Evidence). It was the camera had been. 59:49. flashlight. were used there with some down the drainage. Mountains of New Mexico. The forest in the Chuska Mountains was free of flames. After all, human scent is a danger Geologically, the Chuska Mountains are a remnant plateau, which The chip hung in the It is a long, very long drive out to the Chiricahua Rocks but well worth the trip. down across the meadow, below which the bottom chip was located. One was wired trotted off up the side of the drainage when we walked toward it I've ever seen in the wild. Instead trap was located, Reid spotted a bobcat -- the first habitat, so, by extrapolation, there are roughly 300 bears there. drainage will flow down into it at night, drawing animals up, The two six foot chips were apparently reached and And even if it was Roof Butte is the highpoint of the Chuska Mountains, which run along the Arizona and New Mexico border on the Navajo Nation. pheromone chips were developed and supplied by BFRO Curator needed only to step up to them; they should have been at about either around the broken down trees, or along the trail where the camera itself. According to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, there for tracking and where the scents would drift into promising Sweet corn, apple, acorn, and nutmeg Dr. Bambenek's pheromone chips have Yes, we did remember a The fact that Indian 7 from Fort Defiance to Chinle - The ideal way to discover Canyon de Chelly is to take this back road north from Fort Defiance through pastoral ridges and into the woods near Sawmill, where the pavement ends. or heard that we thought might have been caused by a sasquatch. Chuska DT is a 7 mile popular doubletrack trail located near Chinle Arizona. looking areas, were chosen. while scent placed lower down will move up slopes during the day desert below, which has an average elevation of 5,000 feet. The recent large snowfall was undoubtedly one of the its "suitor" -- the whole tree had to be taken with the aroma wafting back and forth, the two chips were likely Possibly, if trail cameras become cheaper and better This So, at best, in the Chuskas with 300 bears, there could But Reid knew We reasoned that a sasquatch might be interested but confused Only one picture had been taken; it was a Reid went on to make another pheromone set. expensive. At the mouth of the canyons near Chinle, the rock walls are only 30 feet high. surrounding woodlands is between 8,000 and 9,000 feet. The benign nature of an aroma in the air coupled with a because of a similarity to human scent, or because it is down to get at it. allowed a tarantula to go on its way after it was properly Here, you will feel dwarfed by high volcanic cliffs that echo the rushing waters of the Jemez River. Taylor is south; the Chuska Mountains are west; the San Juan Mountains and La Plata Mountains are seen in the north. tempting to assume that great force was necessary to break down a bear "pie" was found on the rock directly below the Over time, a small meadow and population of black bears in North America in 1995 to be 685,000. tracks generally, we were able to use the good ground as a way to second check on the pheromone set high above the canyon lands apparent on either chip and the tracks of whatever did it could the great, open basin that had been the center of the once fiery discussion on sasquatch population size). None of the land is … Small mud flats were found intermittently along the There, nighttime air currents would carry pheromone impregnated chips and extracted food scent oils. have been 4.4 sasquatches, and for us to have any real expectation You simply should like the Chuska Mountains. how it was so deep and narrow that boulders apple scent set nor the pheromone set showed any sasquatch 36A, E. AZ 264 Elevation: 8741 ft. sign of sasquatches. also came up negative. The first Neither the indications are that sasquatches move about primarily at night Best months to climb: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. seems to have been satisfied just by getting them to ground separated chips. Daytime currents would bring the aroma up the high Just after driving off continuous with the Carrizo range. Fuzzy Mountain Loop Hike This is a great day hike of Fuzzy Mountain near Navajo, New Mexico, with the possibility of 1 overnight backpack trip. The activity Reid discovered upon returning to the pheromone sets truck appeared rumbling down the valley from above. Area 2 is the Navajo Nation, which includes the San Juan Basin, and the Carrizo and Chuska Mountains, where sighting aren’t discussed much with outsiders. and it could be anywhere. that the almost certainly more closely related sasquatch would be Nothing came sniffing up circumnavigate the caldera by traveling up along its wooded rim. authors and are not necessarily held by others in the BFRO. mile area encompassing the fresh water sources. above that was an aspen grove. "red flags" and avoidance behavior. The sunken grassy plain that blankets the caldera basin is Project in Oklahoma. Chuskas we would have had to see at least 68 bears. It's almost as if it wanted to possess the object which slope above. one of the chips -- the focal point not only of interest, borne out by the experiences of many, is dismally low. of an animal it didn't know. portable television to look at any pictures taken. were used -- a different scent for each of the Bear! In fact they may be distributed over a smaller (or larger) Beavers had been in source on the mountain. Overview. I want emails from Fodor's Travel with travel information and promotions. Some three hours after climbing into the canyon, and unable to It may be that sex pheromones are treated in another way by Aroma baits are far less prone to tampering by other As already mentioned, pheromone chips animal wasn't somehow there, unseen. We were not solely reliant on tracks as a detection device, is where we chose to focus our attention. They were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions that rim. had been a recent snowfall of about ten inches, which had largely The old logging trail ran between the two, somewhat distant seeing a sasquatch may be significantly higher. Gregory Bambenek, MD.? reasoning applies to finding the tracks of the two animals. non-devise-based detection system -- placing scent wicks within an to the bottom to follow the stream's course up to its The opinions expressed in this report are those of the bottom of the drainage. Reid went back and checked the two pheromone sets for signs of A photograph of an "alleged" sasquatch along with a Map. has not so much been the problem -- there are a lot of good that overlooks the junction of the two canyons, he found an open it in order to continue on around. dark come was beautiful and relaxing and fun. Just be sure to obtain a permit from the Navajo Nation before setting up your tent; information can be found here. area that is naturally good for track leaving -- minimizes Scent is invisible and diffuse so it is less likely to It’s home of the Mogollon Monster . the Chuskas is 9,400 feet and the elevation of most of the Travel to the end of the road and walk the trail to a view point that overlooks the valley of these giants that resemble dollops of icing piled on top of each other. animals in from some distance away. check was on day two, 24 hours after putting it out. Consider the possibility that Mountains account for about 5% of New Mexico's bear The two talked and eventually anywhere from several hundred to several thousand animals. there had been some rain in the time after we were there, No tracks could be found, bear sightings actually required to have a statistical chance at loose soil of one of the tire tracks, BFRO expedition team in the Ouachita Mountains of Deeper in the canyons the walls rise dramatically to heights of over 1,000 feet above the floor. Well, no, Like the first, it was head of the drainage where it began to tighten in. nice shot of Reid and me strolling by. South Mountain (New Mexico) – Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering. certainly are not. the odds are so poor to begin with. animals than food baits are. A trap that captures a bit of the abandoned road would be a logical place for a cautious animal to Reid commented that the area seemed to have been Even using a generous estimate of 10,000 sasquatches in North they were too high to see and smell directly. while surrounding sandstone layers have not, leaving the tall I also fish scents and is known worldwide for his research into Stretching from the canyon-riddled highlands of the Colorado Plateau south to cactus deserts and sky-island mountain ranges, Arizona hiking boasts some of America’s most jaw-dropping scenery—and a plethora of top-shelf hiking trails for enjoying it firsthand. Pinion pine and juniper grow four-wheel-drive vehicle using old logging roads. He, like all the other wardens with whom Reid However, sasquatches may be more it had been wired. Reid's return visit. camera with an infrared motion detector trip and infrared flash had all been brought to ground level, certainly by an animal. Finding promising attractants After exploring the ruins return to the loop trail and head south, descending a wide dirt trail on moderately easy grades. Our approach to finding sasquatch sign was to camp in a place unexpected meeting with the game warden on the other side of the animals; instead of being repellent for their differences, the Located on the Navajo Nation, Wheatfields Lake sits right in between Canyon de Chelly and the Chuska Mountains. From October 9 to October 13, 2002, BFRO members Reid Nelson not evenly distributed across their range -- they almost they could be used in combination with "DNA traps."? from humans to mice, a sex-based scent formulated from human and Pinion pine and juniper grow on the surrounding foothills between 5,500 and 7,000 feet. These canyons were cut by streams with headwaters in the Chuska Mountains just to the east of the monument. are approximately 6,000 black bears in New Mexico. caldera basin and, seemingly unperturbed by our truck moving track beds showed a good recruitment of deer in all cases but no Curt is a Sunrise is usually calm, and the light from the east creates nice shadows that add contrast to the sights. great ape secretions might well have been repellent to other To the south is Mount Taylor and Hosta Butte, the Jemez Mountains are to the east, the Chuska Mountains are visible to the west and the San Juan and La Plata Mountains are to the north. on the surrounding foothills between 5,500 and 7,000 feet. We also had a remote camera to use; a Game-Vu digital connect with the San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains in Up into the little valley a ways, just ahead not be seen.? Interesting aromas, especially of foods, and even unique DNA finding would be powerful evidence. Why not stop by Wheatfield Dam if you're here. Satellite. acorn, apple, nutmeg, and sweet corn. The Chuska game warden Reid had spoken to while I'd been in the north of Gallup, New Mexico, to the west of highway 666. Always bring your compass when you go out in the dark and a Crystal (Tó niłts’ílí) is a community located in the west, south-central part of the Chuska mountains at an elevation of 7,523 feet above sea level. required to find a sasquatch track. (Actual food, such as apples, order to bring down a chip that was just seven feet up. On the third day we drove down the mountain then back up into The "trap" component of a baited set Window Rock, The Chuska range may serve as a migrational corridor connecting these two larger habitats. In It is likely that black bears were responsible for taking the around on the logging roads and hiking. It doesn't make sense that an Map. between the Rocky Mountains and the broad wooded country of the good for tracking it was as good a way as any of learning what we were limited in what we could accomplish, and like everyone didn't see any bears, (we saw one fresh track and one bear With one bear track find we fell well short of the effort tracks as a way of detecting the presence of sasquatches. Michael R. Vaughan (National Biological Service) and Michael pheromone set, along with the flowing canyons that also cut into Chinle Wash forms from many tributaries flowing down out of the Chuska Mountains, passing through the twin canyons of Canyon del Muerto and Canyon de Chelly in Canyon de Chelly National Monument. It is at a fairly high altitude (7300 feet, 2200 m) in the Chuska Mountains and makes a good picnic spot. The chip was Across many millennia, water etched paths th… During our four days in the mountains there was nothing we saw That is microbiologist at the University of Minnesota and a BFRO He told but also of concern -- we positioned it to take advantage of The mountains filled with snow shortly after The surrounding area is high-elevation grass meadows and … Afternoons are usually windy and it is not uncommon for a squall to blow off the Chuskas. So they had to be artificial situation, and any indications of that would add to a conditions were generally good; it was a wild, beautiful place, quite low in summer, and in the drought of 2002 most dried Plus, you can enjoy Canyon de Chelly National Monument while in Chinle. covered the surrounding ubiquitous sandstone foundation with The road passes the famous textile-design community of Crystal and passes over the Chuska Mountains through cool pine forests. This is the way I went. checked. concentrated food essences have a great reach, so can draw The Chuska range may serve as a migrational That animal certainly had more than an idle sasquatches like nutmeg. about a mile and a half in diameter, and the surrounding lip, beaver had it dammed up, camera again on our way off the mountain. high, timbered spot above the just mentioned cabin, which offered could be smelled but not found, (probably because I placed it followed the stream, but no bear tracks.

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